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Over the past two decades, Grasp has emerged as India’s leading manufacturers housing the country’s largest range of Thermoplastic & Polycarbonate enclosures. We are market-leaders and take pride in the creative solutions our products provide to the Solar, Electrical, Electronics, Automation, Chemical & other Industries.

At Grasp, we are continuously working with our in-house research and design team to develop diverse products catering to the growing needs of our customers.

We know that manufacturing a high-caliber product requires quality raw materials. So, we ensure that our products are manufactured using world-class Electrical Grade Polymers and are designed adhering to the
International Electro Technical Commission (IEC) norms.

Once manufactured, our products are then tested and certified at UL. CPRI & NABLTest Labs for lngress Protection : IP65/67, Flame Retardance : UL94Vo, Impact : lK08/09 . Glow Wire Test : GWIT 960°C, Halogen free & RoHS , UV stabilization and Weather Proofing (>40 to 80°C).

We have ensured that our products are durable and prepared to help you attain & conform to CE norms for safe human handling.

ln the past, we have collaborated with some of the country’s sharpest minds to develop hundreds of customized products, based on the client’s needs and specifications.
We also manufacture complete component fitted and wired IP65 Stainless Steel & CRCA/GI powder-coated Electrical Panels and Solutions as per custom r BOQ, drawings BI. specifications.
Our growing business and client-base stands as testimony to our commitment in serving your better.

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